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Handbag Design

Postgraduated Data Sheet

Next editions:  September – February 2017 / February – June 2018
Duration: 5 month
Academic Value: 30 credits ECTS
Price: 3,275 €
Professional Intership Program
Lenguage: Spanish/Catalan
Degree: Master Digital Art Curatorship (Official)




  • Gain comprehensive knowledge about the fashion industry, specifically the purse.
  • To promote creativity in conjunction with the conceptualization and structure of a collection.
  • Become aware of the management of the same to train a qualified and flexible professional.

Academic Program

The postgraduate course consists of 30 ECTS credits that make up a total of 125 teaching hours.

It is structured in 5 modules:

  • How to understand the world of fashion
  • Creating a collection
  • How to get a collection
  • Individual final project
  • Group project

Management and Teaching Staff

Team teachers of the Masters in Digital Art Curator

Dr. Pau Alsina
PhD in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture at the Autonomous University. Credited as a lecturer by the AQU. Director of the magazine Artnodes on art, science and technology, and researcher GRECS Group on Culture, Technology and Society. He is a founding member of YASMIN, network art, science and the Mediterranean countries by UNESCO driven Digiarts, Leonardo / ISAST, OLATS, Digiarts, Leonardo / ISAST, OLATS, Artnodes / UOC and the University of Athens Technology (ACT). In turn ReArte.Dix is ​​a member of international network of digital artistic culture studies and their research focuses on cultural innovation processes related to ICT and the board of the New Art Foundation, created by the College officer Computer Engineers of Catalonia and the board of the Foundation Hangar, production and research Center of Visual Arts in Barcelona. His research focuses on the articulation of an ontology of the present based on the interrelations between art, science and technology in the context of the Network Society.

Dr. Leonidas Martin
PhD of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Credited as a lecturer by the AQU. Video Professor, new technologies and political art in several national and international universities. As a multimedia artist, for years, it stands in a hybrid production field where social processes are mixed, new technologies and aesthetics. He is co-founder of the cultural association Enmedio ( member

Dr. Bani Brusadin
Producer and cultural researcher in the area of ​​the intersection between art, new technologies, popular culture and politics. He is founder and co-director of the Festival The Influencers ( in collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB). He is associate professor at several Spanish Universities; his research revolves around creative practices based on forgery, digital folklore, epic heroes and incorrect detoxification strategies and counter-attack by the colonization of the imaginary of contemporary power structures.

Tere Badia
Degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona and Master in Sociology from the UOC. Coordinator Disonancias in Catalonia (mediation platform and promotion of relations between enterprises, research centers or public entities and artists to stimulate innovation) and creator of the Integral Plan for R + D + i in the Visual Arts, Catalunya Laboratori program, through AAVC. Researcher in the fields of cultural policy, networking, international cultural cooperation and Research, Development and Innovation in artistic production, has also been professionally linked to the Interarts Foundation (Barcelona) and the communication agency Goetzinger + Komplizen (Karlsruhe). Since January 2010 he is the director of Hangar ( Production and research center of the visual arts.

Dr. Pep Dardanyà
PhD in Social Communication at the University Pompeu Fabra. visual artist, cultural manager and exhibition designer. Its basic lines of research are part of the process of building social minority, as this represents visual and iconographic and to what extent, these performances involve the construction of new identities, taking into account the negotiations and conflicts inherent in all process. This conceptual and theoretical interest applies differently in various professional fields: as a professor at several universities in Barcelona. As a cultural manager, project management with Can Xalant. Centre for Creation and Contemporary Thought Mataró or Culture Space Foundation Sabadell 1859. How visual artist has participated in more than sixty exhibitions, both individual and collective, national and international. També has developed curatorial projects and exhibition design. He is a member of GRAPA research at the University of Barcelona.

Dr. Ivan Marino
PhD in communication sciences by the Lusophone University of Lisbon. Artist, teacher and researcher extensive international experience, which is active in the field of audiovisual expanded (computerized facilities, interactive documentary, etc.). During his career he has made artistic and academic residencies at UCLA (Film School), UDK (Universität der Künste, Berlin), ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe) and KHM (Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne), among other places. His work has been exhibited in major international fairs and festivals in Europe and America. His works gain international recognition of the Torches, Rockefeller and MacArthur foundations, as well as awards at festivals in Hanover (Up and Coming, Hanover, 1997), Videobrasil (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1996), ForumVídeo (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1995), Canariasmediafest International Festival Canarias (Spain, 2006), and lIMBO, Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art and Fundación Telefónica (Argentina, 2006). At the local level, he has won grants from the National Council for Culture and the Arts and received the CAM Plastic Arts Award, among other honors.

Dra. Pilar Bonet
PhD in Art History from the University of Barcelona. He credited as associate professor at the AQU. Historian, art critic and curator. He teaches in Grau studies, masters and seminars on the practice and art history and the current design, urban culture, criticism and curating art. He was responsible for the program of contemporary art Municipal Culture Mataro (1993-2000). He received the award in the programming art of Catalan Art Critics Association (ACCA) 1997, and the prize spaces to art criticism (1999). How essayist published numerous articles for catalogs and art editions (Naturas a pool for contemporary art, MACBA;. The art critic, El Serbal; Authentic Fiction, ACTAR;. Discrepant Stories Art criticism, CENDEAC, etc.), and collaborates with art magazines and contemporary thought (Lapiz, Transversal, Paper art, ADESK, etc). It has been part of the Commission HANGAR Program, he has been a member of the Board of Can Xalant of Mataró and the ACM association. Co-founder of Project Arts Coming artistic production, cofounder of the cultural association ACM, contemporary art. Josefa Tolrà president of the association.

Dr. Judit Vidiella
PhD of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (UB). Accredited as reading teacher for the AQU. Member of international PhD program “Arts and Education: a constructionist approach”, coordinated by the UB, UdG and UGR. He teaches at several universities in the field of visual arts and performativity. It is part of the research group of the UB ESBRINA (subjectivities and contemporary educational environments); the RALLY + D (university network of educational research and innovation) network; Another international network Roadmap for Arts Education; and Col·lectivaccions group, which performs mediation and collaborative practices in artistic contexts, and in 2016 part of the projects selected in the nursery Fabra and Coats Creation Factory in Barcelona. He co-directed the International Festival in performative actions eBent, at its ninth and tenth edition 2009 and 2010. Member of the review committee of the journal Gender and Education; of the Arts, Individual and Society Universidad Complutense de Madrid Magazine; and Earl magazine. Arts Education, the University Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovation (University of Valencia). Specializing in Cultural Pedagogies of Performance Studies, Feminist Theories and Practices Corps.

Victoria Sacco
PhD in Arts at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Teacher, curator and art researcher and multimedia. Between 2003 and 2008 he coordinated the audiovisual area of ​​Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (MAMba) and MAMba / Te-lefónica Foundation Award: Art and New Technologies. He has worked as an external researcher at the MACBA and the Oteiza Museum. He has coordinated the TK Gallery in Barcelona and currently coordinates the professional meetings LOOP.

Dra. Maia Creus
PhD of art historian from the University of Barcelona, ​​exhibition curator, researcher and cultural manager. Member of the editorial board of the journal Idees Quadern of them, les Arts i les Lletres (Ars Foundation), and member of the research group TADD ESDi / URL.

Oriol Ocaña
Graduated in graphic design and Curatorship Master in Digital Art by ESDi / URL. It has also completed the degree in art history at the Open University. He is a researcher and teacher in the field of design and art, artist and curator. Member of contextual artwork Widow Of ( and platform file and reinterpretation PVDRS sound. It is co-coordinator of the section architectures dignity, Notebook Magazine of Ideas, Arts and Letters and the block design curator and visual culture Member of editor board of the journal notebook Arts, ideas and letters. Is also part of independent research group in experimental design Fer Cosa Fora

Dra. Natàlia Cantó
PhD in social sciences from the University of Bielefeld. Professor accredited as a reader by the AQU. He has taught Bielefeld University where he remained until 2003 (from 1997 to 1999 as a fellow of the DAAD-La Caixa hastael 1999 and 2003 as assistant professor). 2003 moved to Leipzig, with a professorship in the department of social policy at the Institute of Sociology and remained at this University until 2006. He is currently teaching and research in Arts and Humanities at the OUC.

Dr. Daniel Lopez
PhD in Social Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is assistant professor accredited by AQU. His career as a research focuses on the study of the social and ethical consequences of technological innovations in the field of health and social care, especially in promoting active aging and independent living. His works articulate: first, the Science and Technology Studies (STS), interested in ethnographic description of the forms of ownership and technological design, mechanisms of participation in innovation processes and the generation of subaltern forms of innovation; and on the other hand, a concern for the biopolitics of these innovations, especially with regard to the care and aging.

Dra. Mariona Corcelles
PhD in Psychology and Bachelor of Philosophy. She teaches as a reader accredited by AQU. psychoeducational consultant in the field of writing processes and corporate learning. Group member SINTE Research ( and adherit grup GRAI. His research focuses on writing as an epistemological tool, scientific and academic writing and cooperative learning.

Dra. Inés Martins
PhD in Psychology of Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Academic Coordinator ESDi. Director of the Master in Digital Arts Commissariat. Member of the research TADD ESDi / URL. Her research focuses on Feminist Perspectives and New Media.

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