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Master in Managment of the Fashion and Design Industry*

Master Data Sheet

Next editions:  October 2017 / March 2018
Duration: 9 month
Academic Value: 60 credits ECTS
Price: 7.550 €
Possibility of extracurricular practices
Lenguage: English
Degree: Master in Management of the Fashion and Design Industry *

*In administrative formalities


The ESDi School of Design, in collaboration with the multinational MANGO, offers the Master in Management of the Fashion and Design Industry, a course focused on the specific characteristics of the fashion sector, which implies a multidisciplinary approach to the reality of The modern enterprise in which creation, marketing and communication, technology and innovation are combined, and in particular management.

With a strong professional character, the Master gives the possibility to the participants to access the knowledge of the medium of the hand of professionals and executives of companies of recognized prestige.
These studies are framed within the branch of Arts and Humanities.


The main objectives of the Master in Management of the Fashion Industry are:

  • To train professionals in the international context, specific and dynamic of the fashion industry, in the field of marketing, finance and business strategy, that contribute a contemporary vision of multidisciplinary character.
  • Develop the managerial and analytical skills necessary to carry out business projects in a global environment, where the use of new technologies, creativity and innovation, together with social and environmental responsibility, are fundamental.
  • Provide the tools that will allow the student to identify and anticipate changes in lifestyles, consumer preferences, as well as current and emerging trends, through creative experimentation and research.
  • To foster communication 2.0 and / or social networks as a platform for new entrepreneurship, proposing a new vision of team management and the development of collaborative policies, networking.
  • Through the study of real projects (Mango case) and direct contact with teachers, company managers, the participant obtains a real and firsthand vision of a constantly changing sector, and acquires the capacity of anticipation and identification of opportunities of market.

Transversal competences:

  • Apply modern management systems
  • Understanding production flows
  • Know how to update contents regarding the increasingly fast process times
  • Apply management, logistics and operations controls
  • Understanding globalization and its effect on business
  • Know the current communication tools to reach the consumer

The specific competences of the title refer to the meeting point between the management of a modern company in general and the knowledge of the world of fashion and design in particular.


The Master in Management of the Fashion and Design Industry is aimed at university graduates in fashion design or textile and business sciences who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the management of products and fashion companies, as well as related professionals To the sector wishing to update their training in new management techniques and knowledge of markets.

Academic Program

Areas of study of the Master in management of the fashion and design industry

Module of contextualization of the contemporary social environment (5 credits).
The world in the third millennium. Sociology of fashion, creative processes and structure of the fashion industry.

Module of advising of image, Life cycle and components (5 credits).
The personal and corporate image, iconological techniques. The process of creating the fashion collection. Analysis and determination of trends and creative direction.

Communication module in the global society (10 credits).
Theory of communication in the global society. Persuasive communication by corporations. Fashion communication: Advertising and media strategy. Fashion Marketing. Consumer analysis, digital marketing. Techniques and processes. The press kit: contents and recipients. The fashion showroom.

Management, control and logistics module (14 credits).
Growth and entrepreneurial personality. Introduction to accounting. Basic concepts of costs. Financial statement analysis. Budget Control. Business plan. Business financing. Control and Management. Logistics. Legal aspects. Fiscal aspects. Social responsability.

Management module and point of sale (9 credits).
Merchandising. Location and location, the point of sale. Distribution of spaces. Measurements and flows. Point of sale control and management systems. Logistics and product obsolescence.

Project area (15 credits).
Students will carry out at the end of the Master a project in which they must apply all aspects considered in the different areas of study. This project must make a substantive contribution, both professional and conceptual to the field of fashion and design industry. Directed by professors and professionals of the fashion industry.

In addition the master has a module of seminars (2 credits).

Management and Teaching Staff


Antoni Garrell
Director of ESDi-EATM

Charo Mora
Fashion Historian

Judith Arnabat
Fashion Consultant

Elena Martín
Art director and designer

Isabel Lepikson
Publicist and cultural manager

Jordi Iglesias
Communication Strategy

Alex González Molner
Fashion Communication

Dr. Encarna Ruiz
ESDi-Colorlabs Research Director

Mercedes Salgado
Director of EATM and director of the Master

Jaume Vidiella
Fashion and Beauty Editor

Jose Antonio Guerrero
Director of creative projects and trends

Luis Antonio Rubi
Dik Mittermuller

Belen Par
Designer of Ephemeral Spaces MANGO

Julie Fabre
Product Manager MANGO

Xavier Carbonell
Director of MANGO’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department

Alex Escutia

David Verge

Cristina Domenech

Isabel Calero

Raquel Delgado

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