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Life in Barcelona


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Located in the northeast of Spain, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and Spain First Economic Zone. The city’s population is over one million and a half, while the number of inhabitants in Catalonia is more than 7 million people.

By its location on the Mediterranean, Barcelona enjoys warm climate and welcoming, with pleasant temperatures all year round.

Today, Barcelona is a modern, cosmopolitan and highly dynamic city. It is a comfortable city, tailored to the People and For People.

Information about Barcelona :

  • Security advice
  • Barcelona Wi – Fi
  • Cost of living
  • Weather
  • Banks and savings banks
  • Meal times
  • business hours
  • Useful Phone
  • Health / Health
  • Mobility and Transpor
  • Consulates


Accommodation in Barcelona

ESDi School of Design provides information on accommodation and manages:

Welcome to Barcelona

barcelona-home Student accommodation: 



Sant Jordi University Apartments

International residences

residencesSan Marius Residence

Resa: University Residence

Rent a Flat


Flat / Room

Host family


Health Insurance

All students who make a temporary stay in ESDi School of Design must have health insurance that covers them for the entire stay at our University . Insurance Student Mobility 

If you are a student from a country of the European Economic Area ( EU countries , Iceland , Liechtenstein and Norway ) and have the right to social security in your home country , you have to deal with the ” tarjeta sanitaria europea ” (which replaces the E111 or E -128). This form is issued by the public health authorities of your country and you have a right to health care in Spain .

If you are a / a student from a country outside the European Economic Area, you have to find out about whether there is a medical agreement between the Social Security in your country and Spanish (in the case of some countries in Latin America). If there is agreement, you will have to go to the public health authorities of your country to process the relevant document and thus be entitled to health care in Spain.
If you are a / a student who is not in any of the above assumptions will have to take out private health insurance to cover you during your stay in Spain. We recommend ordering a document to your insurance company, if possible in Spanish ,  English or French , stating that coverage.


Cost of Life

Live in Barcelona

To guide you in monthly expenses you may have , we provide an estimate Accommodation: € 300 to 500 € in an apartment , or € 400 to € 700 student residence . Meals: 200 € . Transport : 50 € . Other expenses : 200 €

Banks and credit cards

Barcelona has an extensive network of bank offices ( normally open in the mornings and Thursday afternoons ) and ATMs available 24 hours.

You must have to open a bank account you will get before your  tarjeta NIE.


Calendar & Festivities

During the year several festivals are held. Some are celebrated throughout Spain , others only in Catalonia , and even some municipal level. All international students receive the academic calendar which specifies these holidays.

Schedules and habits also tend to differ with respect to other cultures. For example:

  • The shops are open Monday through Saturday afternoon , although there are plenty of bakeries and food shops open on Sundays throughout the city .
  • Trade opens from 10: 00h to 14: 00h and 16: 00h to 20: 00h . Department stores or shops downtown Barcelona remain open at noon and usually close between 20:30 and 21: 30h .
  • Locals tend to have meals at the following times :
    – Breakfast : between 9 : 00h and 11: 00h.
    – Lunch: 14 : 00h to 16: 00h ( main meal of the day)
    – Dinner: 21: 00h to 22: 30h .
  • Restaurants and hotels offer extended hours . In addition , in any bar in the city you can enjoy typical tapas at any time .
  • Working hours : as a general rule a standard working day starts at 8 : 00h – 9: 00h , with a break for lunch between 14: 00h – 16: 00h and ends between 18:00 and 19: 30h depending on the time spent on food.


Other Interesting Sites

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European Language Portfolio: present your language skills properly, according to the Common European Framework.

Eramus+: official website of the European Commission

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte de España. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain .

Generalitat de Catalunya: Government Portal Catalonia

The hofstede centre: cultural differences

Cultural Etiquette Around the World: cultural differences

Instituto Cervantes

ISIC: International Student Identity Card

DELE: get your diploma of Spanish Cervantes Institute

ESN: Erasmus Students Network


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