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Master in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication*

Ficha técnica del máster

Next editions:  October 2017 / March 2018
Duration: 9 month
Academic Value: 60 credits ECTS
Price: 7.290 €
Possibility of extracurricular practices
Lenguage: Spanish
Degree: Master in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication *

*In administrative formalities


Master in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication  is created to respond the need of the figure of the image consultant and fashion designer which is becoming more and more required, as a strategic instrument to achieve an optimal management of image. Both personal and institutional image represents an essential tool in corporate innovation, development and positioning. It becomes an essential and decisive resource in the achievement of our personal and professional objectives. The success of a brand is linked with image, and consultants and fashion designers are in charge of defining the personality of that brand with up-to-date and different visual proposals. Fashion undergoes constant changes.

To know trends and expect to them is the key to achieve an attractive product or image for a more and more demanding and informed consumer.

This master offers a total of 20 vacancies and the criteria for selection of students are based on the evaluation of academic and professional knowledge on the basis of curriculum, data and texts provided together with the registration form.

These studies are part of Arts and Humanities branch of knowledge.


  • Interdisciplinary study of different areas focused on image consultancy, fashion and fashion designing, communication, events organization, social trends analysis and global understanding of fashion in world economic politics context, as well as cultural displays, in order to provide all that knowledge both theoretical and practical necessary to master techniques and codes that reinforce image.
  • To train professionals in the international, specific and dynamic context of fashion, who contribute a contemporary and multidisciplinary view, in fashion designing, personal and corporate image consultancy, fashion communication and protocol and events organization and production fields.
  • To develop necessary managing and analytical skills of master’s degree participants to carry out multidisciplinary projects in a global environment, in which the use of new technologies, creativity and innovation, as well as social and environmental responsibility are essential.
  • Provide tools which will enable the student to identify and anticipate changes in lifestyles, consumers’ preferences and current and emerging trends, through creative experimentation and research.
  • To foster 2.0 communication and/or social networks as a platform of new entrepreneurship proposing a new view of teams management and collaborative network politics development.


The Master in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication is aimed at graduates and professionals with experience in communication, design, fine arts, protocol, fashion designing or other related disciplines. It is specially fitting to those persons who are part of corporate world, communicators and psychologists interested in acquiring a greater repercussion in their professional field or in focusing their activity in the image and fashion designing consultancy field.
Master’s degree allows admittance to different professional specialisations: Fashion Designing in Fashion Publications and Advertising, Personal Shopper, Personal and Corporate Image Consultancy, Art Management, Public Relationships, Design Equipment Consultancy, Staff Selection, Media Enterprises Consultant in Protocol Techniques and Events Organisation, among others.

Academic Program

The master’s degree organized around 6 areas

Area context of the environment (5 credits).
The world in the third millennium. Sociology of fashion. The internationalization of fashion, creative processes and structure of the fashion industry.

Area advisory file lifecycle and components (5 credits)

Personal image and corporate iconological techniques. The process of creating the col • Collection of fashion. Analysis and determination of trends and creative direction.

Area of ​​communication in the global society (10 credits)
Theory of communication in the global society. Persuasive communication corporations. Fashion communication: advertising and media strategy. Fashion Marketing. Analysis of consumer digital marketing. Techniques and processes. The press kit: Contents and recipients. The fashion showroom.

Department of Psychology and Perception (4 credits)
Intelligence and intuition. Personal Branding

Stylist and image area (14 credits)
The stylist: Mission and functions. The creative process in the context of fashion styling. Stylist. Photography and fashion.

Area protocol and event production (5 credits)
Institutional and personal Protocol. Production and management of events.

Final master project (15 credits)
Students perform at the end of a Master project which will implement all aspects considered in the different modules. This project should make a substantive contribution, both as a professional conceptual field image, styling and communications. The project is led by professors and professionals in the fashion and image.

Seminars (2 credits)

WorkShop Picture and Styling: Makeup, hair salon, clothing and accessories. Fashion and cinema.

WorkShop Creativity: The creative process vs creative improvisation. Personal Shopper.

Work Shop and Styling Picture: Makeup, hair salon, clothing and accessories.

Management and Teaching Staff

Teaching team of Master Advice of Styling, Image and Communication

Antoni Garrell
Director of ESDi-EATM

Charo Mora

Fashion historian

Judith Arnabat
Fashion Consultant

Elena Martin
Artistic director and designer

Isabel Lepikson
Cultural manager and publicist

Jordi Iglesias

Communication Strategy

Alex Gonzalez Molner
Fashion Communication

Damas Basté

Consultant and Coach

Montse Guals

Director Quémepongo

Ana Sainz de la Maza
Communication Consultant

Luisa Boix
Organizing events

Dra. Encarna Ruiz
Research Director of ESDi-ColorLab

David Urbano

James Vidiella
Fashion and Beauty Editor

Jose Antonio Guerrero
Director of creative projects and trends

Lina Zulueta

Flora Ximenis
Professor of Fashion

Mercedes Salgado
Director of the Master

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