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Why choose us?

CIP-ESDI has an experience based on training of high quality and relevance for the needs of the business world, within the School of Design. This is an institution of higher education that represents a solid training offer of high quality; Open to the world and interculturality, becoming one of the most recognized educational centers in Catalonia, Spain and the European Union.

Modern, practical and connected to the business world

By choosing one of our programs you can access a modern and eminently practical training offer, in line with the reality and business needs of the moment and in conjunction with your professional development projects.

Diverse and multicultural environment

We are very well received by students from all over the world, who form working groups with a great cultural wealth and diversity that bring their work experiences and their unique market knowledge, as well as teachers who are knowledgeable about global business realities. These elements generate positive synergies, which strengthen the academic and training program.


Programs of recognized quality and excellence

Our programs are in the best rankings, standing out among the masters of business training. In addition, we have our certified processes and our offer of certified virtual training, shows our constant commitment to offer you the best quality in teaching and training.

Focus on people

In our program we believe in the accompaniment for the growth and the personal and professional development of the people. We promote the culture of effort and the will to overcome, since personal commitment is the key to professional and personal success.

Study in Barcelona and Sabadell

Barcelona and Sabadell are cities full of culture and history, which constitute a first class Mediterranean enclave, with strong and innovative industries and economic sectors. Barcelona has become one of the most attractive university places in Europe. All this makes it a perfect city to study and live more than an academic experience.


The Faculty Council consists of managers, professionals and professors from prestigious European universities, from different sectors and fields of activity with recognized professional and pedagogical experience, which stand out for:

To hold positions of responsibility in their respective companies and to exercise the teaching of vocational form, to transmit to their students the best and most innovative ideas related to their disciplines.
Share your day-to-day business experiences with students.
His expertise in teaching and mentoring or accompanying learning.
To be good communicators and facilitators of the educational process, the debate and exchange of experiences and the teamwork of the participants.
Management continually enhances quality and innovation in teaching and learning processes, through collaboration with teachers, materializing in the development of processes to guarantee academic quality, conceptualization and design of new didactic materials, counseling Pedagogical and teacher training, based on the effective use of ICT.






Students are enthusiastic, dedicated, from different countries and business backgrounds. The experiences and knowledge of each are powerful generators of positive synergies, which allow the establishment of dynamic, plural work groups that contribute great value to the training process of the Masters.

In this sense, our student base is a first-hand show of business reality in international environments. Such diversity and wealth will serve each of our training students to address the challenges of working in dynamic international organizations and working in multicultural teams of high performance.

At CIP – ESDI we have a highly trained information team ready to attend our students and all those who wish to obtain information from one of our Masters, Postgraduates and Specialization Courses.

Our information team is keen to make it easier for students to pass through ESDI from the very beginning. It is responsible for providing the required information about our masters, advising and guiding the interested parties during the registration process and offering them their accompaniment throughout the development of the Master.

A fundamental characteristic that makes CIP – ESDI stand out is personalized advice and continuous accompaniment, and our information team is responsible every day to make all this possible, making the student sie

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